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Thermocoagulation Recommended Aftercare


Scabs should remain on the skin for an average of 7 to 10 days or longer.

Water will make the scabs soft and mushy and peel off too soon. Gently w
ash your face with a damp face cloth avoiding the scabs.

When showering avoid water spraying directly onto the scabs. Do not scrub treated areas on the body until all scabs have completely fallen off.

When treating a full back or stomach, bathing rather than showering may be best. Washing hair in the sink is an option until the skin heals and scabs fall off.

Exercise is fine but limit excessive sweating for the first few days. Sleep in fresh clean sheets and pillowcase. Do not pick or scratch the scabs. Wash hands thoroughly before applying aftercare.

Immediately after thermocoagulation, allow the scabs to develop and form a secure barrier for a day or two. Then apply Rejuvenqe Oil, cold-pressed coconut oil, repair balm or ointment daily.  A small amount is ideal, no need to saturate the scab. The natural vitamin E will help nourish the treated area for faster repair, healthy cell renewal and optimal results. This will also prevent the scabs from becoming too dry and itchy allowing the scabs to remain on the skin longer to protect and encourage further healing. 


Nourishing serums and fragrance-free moisturizers may also be applied after thermocoagulation treatment. No retinol, glycolic, salicylic, or AHA exfoliating products on treated areas for 30 days.

When treating areas on the body, wear loose clothing for the following week until the scabs fall off.  Women may need to go braless and wear a loose dress. Choose older clothing as the coconut oil may stain the material.

Do not wear makeup or apply sunscreen until the scabs have fallen off. Wear a hat to protect treated areas on the face from direct sunlight. 

Keep your body hydrated and drink plenty of water. Refrain from drinking alcohol for 5 days after having a spider vein treatment. Alcohol causes inflammation which may cause the cauterized veins to reopen.


If any scabs should appear red or irritated, dab or spray with hydrogen peroxide and apply polysporin. Please take a photo and send to me for assessment.

If needed, follow-up thermocoagulation treatments may be performed after 4 weeks on the face and neck and after 6 weeks on the body. 

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