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Electrolysis can treat every hair colour, including blonde, white and grey. No more endless treatments of  waxing, threading or tweezing. Hair becomes finer and weaker after only a few sessions.


Electrolysis - Permanent Hair Removal

A tiny sterile single-use epilation probe is inserted into the hair follicle.  Low-level electrical current passes through the probe destroying the hair follicle and inhibiting unwanted hair growth. Laser technology is great for treating large areas of numerous, dense dark hair, whereas electrolysis treats all types of hair including light blonde, grey and coarse white hair. 


For permanent hair removal, electrolysis requires several treatments, influenced by a person's needs, the area treated and also hormones do play a big role.  Because the chin is a hormonal area, it is important not to tweeze hair found on the chin, jawline or upper lip.  This mild injury triggers a repair response as the blood rushes to heal the area.  This stimulates and encourages the hairs to grow back thicker and stronger. Eyebrow hairs are not brought on by hormonal changes so they are safe to shape and tweeze without causing any excess or thicker growth.

Electrolysis feels like a mild zapping or pinching sensation. After treatment, the skin may temporarily be pink, swollen, and tender. Small cold gel packs are used to alleviate any discomfort and reduce inflammation. Soothing cream containing aloe, shea butter and tea tree oil is applied to help calm the skin.

After each electrolysis treatment, the hair will become thinner and finer until permanent hair removal is achieved.  Most individuals see results within the first few sessions when returning for biweekly or monthly appointments.

Treatment Time

5 - 30 Minutes


Few hours

Sessions Required

8 - 16

Discomfort Level





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